5 Hearthstone Best Legendary To Craft [Classic Cards]

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Why Go Classic?

Legendary Classic Cards in Hearthstone has become a major topic due to their durability within the game. Other cards will rotate faster, so this small list is biased towards classic cards set. It is in your advantage to have more classic legendary cards. These will fit in most decks for a longer time. Moreover, it will help using your Arcane Dust more efficiently. You will not have to spend new Arcane Dust on every new Legendary and keep losing what you spent on the previous card. This small list of the Hearthstone best legendary cards to craft will also be biased towards neutral cards. It is a list for a broad audience regardless of what is you favourite hero. In my opinion, the more a card can do the better it is for any given set in any given situation. This is why this list of best legendary classics focuses on this kind of cards. Starting from bottom to top here are the top 5 Hearthstone best Legendary to craft:

5. Ysera

best hearthstone best legendary to craft ysera

It is maybe the best rated card for any control style game. Perfect for late games, Ysera will draw for you card after card with each turn. It can easily make your opponent feel small and for good reasons. Ysera will bring an incomparable advantage to any deck against any opponent. Right after you spawn this dragon it will draw a dream card. You don’t have to wait for a turn and this is one other advantage that places Ysera on the bottom of this best Legendary Classic Cards in Hearthstone.



4. Bloodmage Thalnos

best hearthstone legendary thalnos craft


A card at a 2 cost per mana and 1/1 attack/defence, Thalnos is not to be judged by the price. No matter what is your deck built for, Thalnos is a must to have in your collection. For a two mana cost, it can actually make a great difference between winning and losing the match. Pulling this card out towards the end of the match is going to offer you the advantage to draw a card upon his killing. This means a card more than your opponent. A card which can bring destruction or at least to help you catch up with your opponent. Beyond that, two mana points out of ten will leave you with enough mana for other cards as well. Even more, he will add +1 to your spell damage. All of these for just two mana points! As you can see, Thalnos is also a valuable card and it deserves its spot on this top hearthstone cards list.

3. Kazakus

best hearthstone legendary classics Kazakus craft

A truly unique card with an unique ability. If you are using reno style decks of card, Kazakus is one of the most important cards to add in your deck. Honestly, you just need this card for any deck that you are building regardless of your style or class. I was really amazed how effective this card can be when I first played it. No matter what is the given situation you might find yourself during a match, Kazakus can get you of it. The ability to create a custom spell makes Kazakus one of my favourites. To take things even further, you can actually use things like Brann Bonzebeard to give Kazakus 2X custom potions. Although a card that can fit in most of the cards it will fit best in Reno style of playing and in Spell Caster classes. Kazakus can get you out of difficult situations that can make the difference between winning and losing, and this why it occupies number three on this Hearthstone list for best Legendary cards to craft.

2. Sylvanas Windrunner

top hearthstone legendary classics sylvanas windrunner craft

Yet, another card that can do so much in so many different decks ad classes. If you have never crafted this card, you have wasted a great opportunity. I believe that 99% of Hearthstone players crafted this card in the course of their Hearthstone journey. She has a solid body of 5/5 and a mana cost of 6. The main ability is to take control of other minions. It can do many stuff to your opponent that you don’t even observe her doing. It can deny them options that can make them make suboptimal plays. Sometimes you don’t even see what Sylvanas Windrunner offers because it’s happening behind the veil of your opponents play. She also helps you steal your opponent’s such as Ragnaros or Tirion Fordring. Her synergy as a Deathrattle card with a lot of other similar cards makes her even better. Sylvanas Windrunner is maybe one of the most recommended cards by Hearthstone gurus and I believe it clearly deserves number two spot on this list Hearthstone best Legendary cards to craft.

1. Ragnaros the Firelord

best hearthstone classic legendaries ragnaros the firelord

For good reasons, Ragnaros occupies the podium on this small list of best legendary classic cards. With a mana cost of 8 and attack/defence 8/8, Ragnaros will attack any random enemy on the board without taking any damage. It does this by itself with each turn without you having any control over it. With this kind of advantage over your opponents, it is one of the most relying cards in Hearthstone. Not just that, but it is also one of the most fun and fulfilling cards to throw to your opponent. It gives him a hard time and you know it and he knows it as well. It represent the symbol for the RNG of Hearthstone. For the first place in this list I picked the must fun card to play with. Winning a match is one thing. Winning the match playing Ragnaros out of your sleeve is another kind of victory. It is not only about the card itself, it also about the experience Ragnaros offers for you as a player.

Please let me know in the comments section what are your thoughts upon this small list of hearthstone best legendary to craft. Do you agree with it? I know it is a small list and this why I am planning to make a second list. But I need your help for that so please don’t by shy.

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